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tyre cord exposure explained

did you know that exposed cords in your tyres are not just a safety hazard, but also illegal?

10 October 2023

understanding the importance of tyre safety and the consequences of exposed cords

as drivers, we rely on our tyres to keep us safe on the road, but how often do we inspect the condition of these crucial components?

the hidden component: cord wires

tyres are more than just rubber; they are engineered marvels with multiple layers, including a network of cord wires, also known as tyre reinforcement plies. these cord wires play a pivotal role in maintaining a tyre's structural integrity, providing the strength necessary to withstand the stresses of the road.

the danger of exposed cord wires

when these cord wires become exposed due to wear and tear, it's not just a cosmetic issue; it's a serious safety concern. exposed cords weaken a tyre's structure, making it susceptible to failure. the consequences can be catastrophic, including blowouts, loss of control, and accidents.

legal implications

beyond the safety concerns, it's crucial to understand that driving with tyres sporting exposed cord wires is not just risky but also illegal.

taking action: ensuring tyre safety

to avoid these risks and legal consequences, drivers are encouraged to take proactive steps:

regular inspection: make it a habit to inspect your tyres regularly for any signs of damage or wear, including exposed cord wires. look for bulges, cracks, or cuts in the tyre's sidewalls.

professional assessment: if you're uncertain about the condition of your tyres, consult a professional mechanic. they can provide expert guidance and recommendations for tyre replacement or repair.

compliance: familiarise yourself with local regulations regarding tyre safety and ensure your tyres meet the legal requirements.

maintaining tyre safety is not just about responsible driving; it's also about abiding by the law. exposed cord wires are a serious hazard that every driver should be aware of. by staying informed, conducting regular tyre inspections, and taking action when needed, we can collectively make our roads safer for everyone.