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remember 'forces' this winter

6 simple checks to prepare your vehicle for the colder weather - remember 'forces'

14 October 2023

fuel - vehicles tend to consume more fuel when in heavy traffic and encountering frequent stop-and-go situations, these circumstances are particularly more common during the colder weather

oil - check your oil level using the dip stick and top-up if necessary, if you're not sure how to do this or need the right oil, take a look at your vehicle manual

rubber - check your tyre tread depth and air pressure, don't forget to also check your wiper blades and replace them if needs be

coolant - engine coolant, a blend of water and antifreeze, circulates through your engine to keep it cool. you should regularly check your engine coolant level and top-up if required

electrics - check your lights and indicators are all working properly and replace bulbs or fuses if required, don't forget to also have your car battery checked.

screenwash - keep your screenwash topped up during the colder months, this will help with keeping the windscreen free of ice and dirt

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remember forces this winter