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ever heard the rumour that cruising at precisely 56mph can make your fuel last longer?

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12 September 2023

is 56 mph the ultimate fuel-saving sweet spot?

fuel efficiency is a top concern for many drivers, not only for economic reasons but also for environmental sustainability. one common question that arises is whether driving at a specific speed, such as 56 miles per hour (mph), can be optimal for fuel efficiency.

according to the experts at rac, the '56mph myth' stems from old fuel consumption tests that pitted city traffic against 56mph and 75mph speeds.

speed plays a significant role in a vehicle's fuel efficiency. as a general rule, the faster you drive, the more fuel your vehicle consumes. this is due to several factors:

aerodynamic resistance: at higher speeds, your vehicle encounters greater air resistance, requiring more energy to maintain speed. overcoming this resistance results in increased fuel consumption.

engine efficiency: most engines operate at peak efficiency within a certain speed range. this "sweet spot" varies among vehicles but is typically between 45 and 65 mph. straying too far from this range can reduce efficiency.

rolling resistance: higher speeds can also lead to increased rolling resistance, particularly on less-than-ideal road surfaces. this additional friction can negatively impact fuel economy.

the case for 56 mph:

now, let's specifically consider driving at 56 mph. this speed falls within the typical "sweet spot" for many vehicles in terms of engine efficiency. it's also close to the speed limit on many highways, making it a practical choice for highway driving.

however, whether 56 mph is ideal for your car's fuel efficiency depends on various factors, including your vehicle's make and model, engine type, and road conditions. modern cars often come equipped with onboard computers that can provide real-time fuel efficiency data, helping you determine the most economical speed for your specific vehicle.

while 56 mph can be a reasonable choice for maintaining good fuel efficiency in many vehicles, it's essential to remember that fuel economy is influenced by several factors beyond just speed. factors like vehicle maintenance, driving habits, and road conditions also play a significant role.

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